Friday, September 14, 2012

That Sinking Feeling

In Hindi there is one word for yesterday and tomorrow. That word is kal.

I can say with certainty I am too busy. I am only backhandedly complaining because life is good, great, fantastic, and enjoyable, but it is true. I have been running circles at work and at home since the beginning of the year, and today I almost missed something big. I have become completely reliable on technology to keep me in line and today it saved my ass.

I woke up this morning thinking nothing other than it was an ordinary Friday. I was in my typical cheerful morning mood, sipping on my coffee when my Google alert popped up and told me it was my father's birthday. My heart jumped as I thought it was an alert from yesterday and it was already too late, but then I checked the calendar and thanked all 11 time zones for saving my ass.

Now most of you probably think no big deal since I did in fact get to wish my father a happy birthday well in advance of it actually being his birthday in America. Though the simple fact is... had it not been one of my alerts this morning, today would have been no different than kal.


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