Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Oddest Thing

Someone from my office brought in treats today. I usually decline Indian sweets due to their overall lack of sweetness, but today I decided that a popsicle from Mother Dairy couldn't go that wrong. Man on man I was wrong! What looked like the standard lime flavor was actually a nasty combination of a nut and a sour apple concoction called "golgappa". The whole salty-sweet ratio threw me for a loop, and I threw that popsicle straight into the bin. 

In other news we are off to Goa on Sunday. Everyone is looking forward to escaping the city for some fun in the sun.



  1. Yuck. Those are not the nice surprises!
    We so wanted to go to Goa when we were in India. Please post photos!

  2. Nothing is worse than expecting one flavor and getting another. Shock to the taste buds. Sour apple and nut?! Ew. Yes, please post pictures of your travels!