Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Laughs

I haven't been able to capture too many smiles from Cedric because every time I go to snap a picture or a video he gets camera shy (or very curious) and ends up looking like this:
But today, our timing was right on. I've heard little chuckles before, but never this many laughs in a row from Cedric. Cedric and Chad were having a conversation about fashion that the little guy must have found funny.

Yay for baby smiles and laughs! Nothing could make me feel better from a very long work week. 



  1. So cute!! I love all the baby laughs, it is just such a heartwarming thing to experience!

  2. You guys have gotten some priceless photos, but that one is the best! Love the giggles.

  3. I love the laughter, but that picture on top MUST be saved for either graduation, the wedding day, or both! PRICELESS!!

  4. Someone needs to write a caption for that photo. Something like...

    GREAT VIDEO TOO. Cedric the Giggler!

  5. So stinking cute! I adore baby laughs!