Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Four Months

Time flies when you have twins! The last four months have been truly spectacular. We have been taking lots of pictures and enjoying the time with our boys. The weather in Delhi is wonderful this time of year, and we have been getting outside as much as possible. Our ayah is doing a great job at keeping the boys entertained and on a schedule. Each time I stop by home during the day the boys are smiling.

A few observations:

1. The front seat on the stroller is too much excitement for Ezra. His eyes about pop out of his head looking at everything Delhi has to offer. Much like me he prefers the calm of the back seat which offers a filtered view of Delhi.

2. Cedric is a jumper. He can no longer be more than an arms distance away when sitting up on the couch. He may or may not have been caught upside down inches from the floor and come up smiling like he was at an amusement park.

3. I think that Ezra will be left handed. I have been noticing the left tendency during play time, and last night I put a toy in his right hand and and he passed it over to his left.

4. Toys are going straight into the mouth. Sometimes we find them trying to eat their entire hands. This of course means it is drooling season. The drool bubbles they are making are extremely cute.

5. They both recognize our voices and light up with smiles when they see us walk into a room. This is extremely rewarding when coming home from a hard day at work.

6. They both look super handsome in their Bumbo seats.

7. It is time to clean out the closet as they have outgrown so many things. I am not sure they got to wear everything, but that proves babies don't need many outfits... especially when your washing is done every day.

8. We both agree the baby jogger city select twin stroller is our best purchase so far. Our second best purchase is the gdaipers.

We have all of summer travel plans set. We have rented an awesome condo in downtown Indy for 5 weeks. We just sold our car so that means we are in the market for something new. Any suggestions for a vehicle that can accommodate 6 suitcases, a stroller, two adults, and two children? U-haul what?

My mother is coming to India again! I am working on planning trips for next year, and asked my mom if she would like to travel around with us. My advanced planning has us meeting in Turkey for a few days then coming back to India for a week and a half. So that will be pretty exciting.

We received a package from my parents with swim suits and hats for the boys. They are ready for the beach and look super cute in their pool gear. We are super excited to get down to Goa in a couple of weeks.

Pictures are on the way! Stay tuned for another edition of the shrinking sleep sheep.



  1. Love the post and yes pics are a must! I hope when we are in Delhi (in July for baby pick up) the weather is not too bad, right?

    Enjoy the great weather and your super twins!

    1. oh mercy Delhi in July? Not to bust your bubble... but it will be hotter and more humid than you could ever imagine!

  2. I'm not looking forward to the drooling phase. My partner is most excited about the bumpo seats we got at the shower. I've heard they're good when daddy wants to take a shower.

  3. Glad to hear you like that stroller as it's the one we're getting too, in a single of course! As for the gdiapers, well Jeff does our laundry and he's 100% pro-landfill on this issue ;)

  4. Pictures! Pictures!

    And we'll be there in June. :)

  5. Looking forward to the pictures! So happy to hear you guys are doing well. I love my stroller too! I loved the gdiapers until Brady started eating 6-8 oz at a time and then they leaked every hour:(

    We love our city select!! Did you guys buy a travel bag for it? I am starting to plan our summer trips and shopping for a bag to protect it from Continental.

  6. we are over 6 oz now and rarely have leaks! We use two inserts back to back at night for the long stretch and it works perfectly. We didn't buy a travel bag from BabyJogger. We were able to find a tough cloth bag here in delhi that works perfectly. Me being the overly cautious and borderline OCD I protected the corners with cardboard and used one wrap of packing foam. We traveled from Delhi to Indiana back through Europe to Delhi and needed extra protection. If we were on a short flight I doubt I would go to so much trouble.