Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Kind of Week Has it Been?

Well, to answer that question, this is what I was researching today:

Tips for Babies and Jetlag (from
  • Breastfed babies may take a little longer to adjust as mom's body is manufacturing milk on the home-schedule and may need some time to adjust to the new schedule. Jetlag and dehydration from a long flight can also impact mom's milk supply, so make sure to keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Young babies rely on routines to help them understand their day. Try to keep your naptime and bedtime rituals similar to the routines you use at home, this will help your baby adjust.
  • It's ok to play with a baby who wakes up at night (for the first few nights) but try to keep the activity fairly quiet and phase it out gradually. After a few nights, keep the room darkened, offer milk, and try to soothe your child back to sleep.
  • Don't worry that a time change will cause a permanent regression in baby's nighttime sleep. Sleep training is a long, ongoing effort with frequent setbacks when baby is teething, learning a new skill, or not feeling well. Travel is just another temporary setback.
  • The return back home is often a more difficult adjustment for babies than the transition to a new time zone.
  • Try to gradually help baby get used to taking most of their food or milk during daytime hours (but don't refuse to feed them if they are hungry)

Anybody else have any advise/tips for infantile jet lag?


  1. I'm a terrible jet-lagger so I can't imagine having twins jet-lagging along with me. My heart goes out to you. Hang in can only get better as each day passes.

  2. We're watching you carefully for tips on our future trips to España!

    1. Let us know when you go and we'll tag along to get the "locals" tour. Love SPAIN!

  3. wow I never even thought about the jet lag thing being a pain... sorry dear heart! I hope that they get settled soon!

  4. Update: last night was better than the night before. Cedric is still really turned around about night/day. Ezra is making progress. Instead of putting C to bed every 10 minutes after he ate, I let him play on the floor with the mobile, put him in the swing and did lot's of baby stretching exercises. Rather than cycle back and forth between asleep and awake for 2 hours, he was awake for 30-45 minutes and then fell asleep. We are still a long way from staying asleep in between night feedings, but it was easier this way.