Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Been Busy?

So, we dropped off of the face of the earth for about a week. My apologies to all of our faithful readers! The long and the short of our absence is that I had a few free-lance projects that were due last week, and Chad returned to work, so we've both been really busy.

I still want to post about three more things about our December/January trip to the US, and we need to send a shout out back to Jeni, and I have some wonderful photographs to share with you from two really talented photographers; so, I'll get right on that after this upcoming bottle feeding and the playtime that follows.

Meanwhile, read this if you are an IP and are planning a trip to India for the birth of your baby. Many thanks to Kerrie for her continued contributions to our community!

And, not to leave you without any twin cuteness, here's a picture:

"Why has it taken you so long to update the blog!??!?"

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