Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Favorite Things: Travel Edition

This post is a continuation of travel-related posts stemming from our trip from India to the US and back during winter vacation 2011/2012. To read the other posts, go here, here, or here.

I'll do this Letterman-style, and save our greatest travel product for last.

#5 Pacifier Bag: I'd tell you who manufactures this, so you could get one for yourself, but there is no brand name stitched anywhere on the bag. Hmm. The reason this is so nice is that it is small enough to fit into one of the diaper bag pockets, and it holds two pacifiers AND it hold special sanitary wipes to sterilize pacifiers that have fallen to the ground (I tested it by putting one wipe in my mouth and there aren't any chemical tastes or harsh odors). I can't tell you how many times one of our pacifiers was dropped/spit out and touched something on the plane that was, well, icky. This pacifier bag was surprisingly convenient.

#4 Bose Headphones: After doing the Delhi-Chicago flight two times, I stopped using the stupid little Apple in-ear headphones and invested in a pair of big-boy headphones. I've never regretted the $140 they cost. If you are taking a flight over 4 hours long buy a pair--trust me

 #3 Camel Thermos: This seemed common-sense to me, but you'd be surprised at how many parents look at me all big-eyed and surprised when I whip out my thermos of boiling water and stick a bottle in it to heat it up. It's easy to find bottled water (for the formula) and extra-hot boiling water (for heating up the bottled water) on planes. Don't risk burning yourself by having the flight attendant put your hot water in a disposable cup, or, (yikes) directly in the bottle. We had the flight attendants fill up the camel thermos with extra-hot water and then we put the lid on it and it was good-to-go for bottle heating for the next 3-4 hours.

#2 Formula Dispensers: This is a must have, especially if you are flying with twins. No need to scoop, scoop, scoop. Just pre-load the dispenser when you are on stable ground and then pour the contents of each pre-measured compartment into the bottle. Who knows exactly how much time/frustration/clean up this little contraption saved us (twin note: we have two, one for each kid, and they still don't take up too much room in our diaper bag).

#1 Moby Wrap: For 2 out of our 3 international flights so far, we haven't been able to get a bassinet. I just cannot tell you how these wraps saved our sanity, especially when we were rerouted on the way back to Delhi and our 22-hour trip turned into a 30-hour trip. First off, being wrapped up like a little tree-frog is every infant's dream. So, for long stretches of time our kids didn't make a peep on the 13-hour flight because they were so comfortable wrapped to their daddies. Second, it helps conserve your physical stamina to have your hands free.

I highly suggest that you take any/all of these products on the plane with you for your next trip, especially if your next trip is more than 5 hours long.


  1. This is super helpful, especially as we plan on traveling 10+ hours for our baby pick-up on the east coast in May. I love my Bose earphones!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. We just registered for the formula dispensers (two since we'll have twins too!) and I'm glad to hear they're worth the 3 bucks or so.

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