Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Updates in One Post

Update 1:
Today we received an exciting update. Baby Mama and the Ovens are expecting their periods any day now! Once this occurs another set of drugs are administered to create an abundance of eggs to be harvested, and around day twelve of the cycle they go in and retrieve the eggs. Then we fertilize the eggs in a dish and incubate for 2-3 days before implanting them into our surrogate. After looking at the calendar it hit me how quickly things are about to go down. We are looking at about 12-15 days until harvest and implantation. We should know if we are pregnant right before spring break.

It still amazes me that three women are doing all of these things just so we can have a baby.

Update 2:

Because Douglas is very slow at posting my blog contributions...

Baby mama has officially started her flush and is on a regiment of egg creating drugs. We will be having an ultrasound done on Wednesday to see how many eggs are inside, and will be harvesting/fertilizing those would be babies on March 7th or 8th! Let the healthy lifestyle of the baby daddy begin... no hot baths and no drinking. Here we go!

Feeling: Nervous, Anxious, and Optimistic

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