Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Early Spring

There is a lot of new info to share.

Last week's disappointing meeting with Dr. Shweta took me a while to begin to process. For the rest of that day I felt pretty numb to everything around me. And then in the last few days I have begun to think that perhaps it wasn't her institution that wouldn't give approval; I have this gut feeling that it was her who had the problems with helping Chad and me in becoming parents. I have no proof of this -- only my own feeling deep down.

True to their word, the people at Select Surrogacy India found another doctor within 48 hours. This doctor, whom they had worked with on other occasions, is one of the most straight-talking Indians have ever met. You probably need a bit of back story here. We have found over the last two and half years living in India that Indians have a difficult time telling white people no, or even being completely forthright and honest when it comes to details that might not make white people happy. Not so with Dr. Indira. She laid her cards on the table; from how the surrogate might try to get extra money from us to how we should interact with the surrogate during check-ups. Meeting Dr. Indira was both a breath of fresh air, and startling all at the same time!

So, fast forward a few days after our meeting with Dr. Indira, and we receive a list of egg donors. Oh my goodness, I can't explain to you the difference we felt between the profiles we received from Dr. Indira and the profiles that we received from Dr. Shweta. We we're as excited about our new options as we were indifferent about our former options. We felt immediately comfortable with several of the options, and we ended up choosing the one that Dr. Indira recommended.

Now, the next step is to do a semen analysis to make sure that the swimmers are swimming properly. All in all, things are progressing quite well.

Meanwhile, in other news, Puxatony Phil didn't see his shadow today, which means we'lll be having early Spring. Let's hope so!

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