Sunday, July 7, 2013

Should Have Known Better

Ezra's center of gravity is his head.

When we were singing Ring Around the Rosies, Ezra was singing in-tune on the last little bit, "All Fall Down," which is a remarkable feat for a 20-month old.  So, I let my music-teacher instincts take over, and I repeated that last phrase again and again hoping that I could get him to match pitch with me and get a video recording.

The result was not what I'd hoped.

No Ezras were (permanently) harmed in the making of this video.



  1. Saddness.... owieeee. But do keep encouraging the singing! It is so lovely to hear your child singing as they fall asleep or wake up in the morning. Your children are such a joy!!!!
    Thank you for having and loving and sharing them.

  2. It's terrible that I laughed, but the hand to the forehead is adorable!