Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday: Papa's First Blow-Out

A typical morning at our house starts with Douglas tending to the twins and getting our house ready for the day. Since I take the night shift I sleep until the last minute... get up, get ready, and go to work. Cue this morning.

Douglas was sick for most of the night therefore neither of us got a solid night of sleep. I took the morning shift after some poking and prodding from the other side of the bed. I had a bit of an attitude, but I blame that on A: lack of sleep and B: not being a morning person.

I opted for not doing a double feeding as my coordination for this event doesn't open until noon. I woke Cedric up first, but he had little interest in his bottle. He did manage to get half of it down before starting to laugh, smile, and wiggle away. Then it was Cedric's time for the bouncy chair.

I woke Ezra up who as usual had the biggest smile on his face. Today was no different. In fact he was in such a good mood that he made me smile which was definitely a monumental task this morning. The downside is that he was so happy to be awake that he wouldn't touch his bottle. Maybe today was an off day, but if this feeding continues in this direction it looks like we are in for another schedule change. Now Ezra is off to his bouncy chair.

I started to get the house ready for Sheela to arrive... yes we pre-clean our house before the household staff arrives. This is a carryover from growing up in the mid-west. I put a few gDiapers together, unloaded the washing machine, and ate a little breakfast all while the boys were content playing with the interlocking letters.

Cedric was making his normal grunts, squeaks, and shouts and I didn't think anything of it until I glanced over and saw something on his face. I slowly approached Cedric and realized that he had poo in his hair, on his cheek, on his ear, between his fingers, on his legs, up his side, and all over the bouncy chair (including in the locking snaps). My first thought was that I had forgotten to put a diaper on him, but that was not it. He had had the mother load of downloads. I can't imagine how that much came out of a child that size.

He was of course still smiling and having the time of his life while the horror of how I was going to eradicate him from this mess flashed before my eyes. I carried the entire bouncy chair to the confines of the bathroom, removed the rugs, started to unsnap the clasps when the arms and legs started flailing about. At that point I realized there was no possible way I would get him clean without getting a little dirty myself so I just went for it.

There was no method to my madness, but he was clean and still smiling when we were all done. Once he was secured back in his crib I did one of the ultimate scrub downs doctors do while prepping for the operating room.

It was a wild morning for sure. The bright side of today is that there are only four more Mondays on the calendar until summer vacation.



  1. You've painted such a great picture here...I can almost smell the poo and see the look of horror on your face. I'm sure you didn't find it so funny but this story was quite entertaining for me! :)

  2. Oh this makes me laugh as I so understand what happened just based on a morning here with 3 babies. Funny how the babies don't see to care.

  3. The amazing part is how we react after we have's gross but there's no time to dilly dally...just dive in and get the job done.

  4. LOL, this post made me laugh and smile on a MONDAY morning at work. I am EXACTLY like you (A: with no sleep watch out! and B: not a morning person AT ALL). Not sure how i'm gonna hold it together when our little one comes in July!! Thanks for a heads up! :)

    PS: hopefully we get to meet in July ;)

  5. Oh no on the snaps too!
    Hopefully you find it super funny now, AFTER all is clean :) Great post.

  6. Well Im glad that you didn't lose it and handled the situation so well, but I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall.... :) XOXOX

  7. Sounds like you handled it well! I'm right there with ya counting down the Mondays left before summer vacation! Come on June!!!

  8. LOL. I'll bet Douglas got an ear full later!

    (I'm def NOT a morning person either.)

  9. I feel so fortunate that I got to see those "smiles" in person. And even more fortunate that those smiles were sans poo! Oh well, bet Cedric STILL looked cute-- those kids are REALLY special!!!