Friday, April 13, 2012

Five Months

Happy Friday the 13th and five month birthday to the boys. We love being parents. It is so wonderful to come home to babies smiling and giggling everyday. Cedric and Ezra are changing quickly and are further developing their own personalities. Here are some more updates:

  • Cedric 14.5 lbs & Ezra 11 lbs
  • Cedric has found his thumb. He has always been a pacifier boy when he is on his way to sleep. When he looses his pacifier he almost has the coordination to get it back into his mouth on his own, but he mostly ends up getting frustrated and squawks until Daddy or Papa come to the rescue. A few nights ago we were a little too slow on  helping the little guy out because by the time we got to the nursery he had his thumb perfectly placed in his mouth and was sound asleep. Ezra has zero interest in a pacifier.
  • Ezra is an insomniac. He doesn't like to miss anything and rarely takes a nap longer than 20 minutes during the day. He is usually wide eyed and showing his gums off with a gigantic smile. He has so much emotion and expression it is really fun to sit and watch him. One of my favorites is when he sticks out his bottom lip when he is sad. We are in for it with this little guy. Daddy and Papa have both said they will buy him anything he wants if he gives that look.
  • They are both still sleeping through the night. Bedtime comes around 7:30p and we wake them up to eat at 10p. They go right back to bed and sleep until 6am. This schedule has worked great for us. I take the last feeding while Douglas heads to bed early, and he gets the first feeding and I sleep later in the morning. 
  • We take a family walk every night out and around the neighborhood. The boys really enjoy being in the stroller and looking around at everything to see. Usually Ezra falls asleep at some point during the walk. Jyoti is very happy that we have re-instituted family walks.
  • Ezra rolls over (front to back) at the drop of the hat now. If you put him down on his tummy he flips before you can put a blanket over him. I found him this morning sleeping on his back. He must have flipped over to play during the night and passed out when he got tired. Cedric could care less about rolling over at this point.
  • Cedric loves to laugh. He gets so excited sometimes he ends up screaming at the top of his lungs. It is the funniest thing ever. I am not sure a video will do the boy justice.
Stay tuned for pictures and video.



  1. Love the updates!! Cedric sounds like Cailyn - no sleep!! I have to say how much I love the picture you attached to this post, it is a wonderful family snapshot. I am reminded of tea at your house and how nervous Chad was to hold Cailyn, and now look at him holding onto his own child, all casual, an ole pro! Your boys are beautiful, what a beautiful family!

  2. Wonderful update! I'm so very glad to read that boys are doing so good and love the picture!

  3. Awesome family photo! I will absolutely be meeting those babies in person prior to leaving Delhi, can't wait!

  4. yes we were so close to meeting the other night, but had dinner plans with friends from out of town. We were one floor below you. Let us know when you are free and we can all get together

  5. What a great pic! Keep the updates coming!

  6. This is a great post. And it was cool to see that you are Daddy and Papa. That will be what Bill (Daddy) and I (Papa) will be. Such a nice photo...Goa looks like Hawaii! Congrats on two cute 5 month olds, guys...look forward to other photos and video. Take care.

  7. I love this post! Had me smiling the whole way through! You guys are awesome.

  8. HI My name is Michael I am a gay male coing to India in 2 weeks or so, to start my journy to become a dad. I am doing this alone, and I just wanted to say I love your blog, It has tought me alot and will help me thank you. I hope to read more as time goes on.


  9. I love this family photo! You all look amazing!