Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our First Purchase

It's official! We have started buying things for the babies. We are the proud owners of a 2011 Baby Jogger City Select Double stroller. Check out the video; it is pretty awesome. Major thanks to our amazing friends/colleagues that have extra luggage space. They have volunteered to transport it in addition to their luggage (which is no inconsiderable task!). But, that means we won't be able take it for a test drive until we get back to India.

Since it is already tomorrow is India, it is safe to say that we are seventeen weeks pregnant. Everything is quiet in Delhi, which is a good indication things are going smoothly. We believe there is a routine checkup scheduled for today/tomorrow (whatever-however you want to look at it. The time change is harder from this side of the world).

I spoke with our housekeeper this weekend to check on our house and our dog Jyoti. Everyone seems to be happy and Jyoti loves our new house. Apparently she is enjoying the sun on the balcony and people watching at the security gate. She said the monsoon has arrived and they are very happy for the break in the temperatures.

We are back in Indianapolis until Saturday, then we head out on our two week camping/hotel trip. We are having trouble finding campsites for the first two nights of our trip. We have procrastinated too long and might have to sleep in our car on our way up to Montreal. After two nights there we will head down to Maine, then Vermont for J & K's wedding, then visiting friends in Providence and Boston, then upstate New York (Douglas conferencing, Chad casino-ing), then a mad dash back to Indianapolis for one week before heading back to Delhi. Wow that is a mouthful and definitely a monthful!

Meanwhile, in utero, it is time for the body fat to start forming... unfortunately that NEVER stops. Douglas was at the gym early this morning trying to get rid of some of his baby fat. The babies are about the size of an open hand. The eyes and ears are almost in place, and the babies can move their heads, mouth, lips, arms, wrists, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes. That is so exciting I can't wait to see the next ultrasound pictures and videos from Delhi.

Take a look at our new stroller:

Chad and Douglas

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  1. Nice choice on the stroller! Very exciting! We haven't purchased ours yet, but we will before we head to Delhi. Enjoy your last weeks here in the states.