Monday, November 25, 2013


Cedric and Ezra are officially two. Actually they turned two several days ago, but we have just been too busy to talk about it. In the last month I have been to Las Vegas and Douglas has been Denver and back. Our house has been a revolving door of activity.

Language development has reached a new level. The boys are becoming easier to communicate with which means life with twins is starting to calm down. Of course it is still wild, but once your children understand what you are asking of them it feels more like a partnership.

In other news we are heading to Prague for Christmas this year. We are super excited about this trip. Cedric and Ezra will get their first taste of genuine cold weather.

Another blog post is coming with updates about leaving Delhi and the search for new jobs.



  1. Happy birthday to your handsome boys. They are looking more and more alike.

  2. OMG the boys have grown into little people!!! I haven't seen your blog since they were babies!!! Very cute!

  3. Oh...that gives me hope! My boys have so much language but don't seem to want to use it much. Glad to hear it starts to get better about 2ish. Only four more months for us to go!!!