Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break

The temperature is rising in India, but it is still in the manageable nineties. That can only mean one thing. It is time for our last trip out of Delhi for the school year. Doug's mother is enroute to Delhi. She was due in last night, but as usual Newark was a cluster $%#@ and she had to reschedule for one day later. Thankfully United also let her change her return date by one day so she didn't cut any time off her trip.

Climbing is the newest event in our house. The higher the boys get the happier they are... chuckle chuckle. I am considering removing the couch from the nursery as I am afraid one of them will either jump or get pushed off which will lead to another trip to the hospital.

Dinner time continues to stress us out. It seems we can't make the boys happy. They refuse to eat things they loved five minutes before, they throw all the food off their trays in protest, and scream for more. We have tried so many things, but it seems nothing will suffice. This phase needs to pass.

Cedric is very clingy, and he wants to be held most of the time. I think this problem was created by having two ayahs at his beck and call. We are working on strategies to calm him down, but he gets so worked up we have to let him cry it out. This phase needs to pass.

Ezra is basically running around now. He is a busy boy and usually has on a big smile. Cedric has started taking a few steps here and there, but only when he wants to. He is a very effective crawler so he is content with his mobility. Plus every time he stands Ezra makes it his mission to push him over.

We are all looking forward to Goa. Our family does beach vacations well.



  1. I've been reading your blog for while, but I don't think I've ever commented. I really admire you both. Hubby and I, both of Indian origin (and my family being from Delhi), never thought it was possible to live an openly gay life with children in Delhi. I find having all these extended relatives in Delhi quite oppressive. And then I worry about things like what happens when one of us has an emergency in hospital, and the other isn't recognized as husband, etc etc. Whereas I just make up obstacles in my head, you guys are living the dream. Congrats from an admirer!

  2. My partner and I have been taking care of our kids alone most days and even without an ayah and a 2-kids-1-parent situation they still want to be held constantly. They're also getting pickier with their food and Aaron, in particular, loves to watch his drop to the floor as he flings it. Whoever makes it out of these stages first should give the other advice. Deal? :-)

  3. All phases pass. The real issue comes with what the new phase unfolds. Always an unknown...sometimes makes the old issues look easy.
    When food is dumped ending the meal is one answer. Telling them while it happens is important, they do understand what you say. Then, when they are still hungry tell them 'no dumping food' before you return them to the same meal. I am not talking about not feeding them, just showing them dumping tells you they are not hungry and do not want food.
    I have never met a child who is capable of walking continue to crawl for even 6 months. Crawling is low to the ground and there are so many interesting things to see and touch as you get upright. Crawling is sometimes easier to cope with than walking and running.
    Cheers, have a lovely vacation and please keep on posting!