Friday, November 9, 2012

Up and Out: Turkey

We did not forget about the blog. The twins are definitely keeping us busy around the house. We have both been working hard and traveling hard so our house has been in constant motion.

The boys are on a fairly decent schedule now. We were spoiled way to early with sleeping through the night. We have been dealing with middle of the night feedings since the last post. We think in that beginning the boys were going through a growth spurt and were in fact hungry, but now we have determined they have developed a dependence to the middle of the night bottle. Last night the boys self soothed and everyone woke up happy.

They both love to sing and dance. Anytime we put on the music (except Mary's music) they start to boogie. Bath time at our house is so much fun. They both love to splash. They eat mostly cut up things now, and we only still puree a few things. Ezra only likes spicy chicken. If it doesn't have enough flavor he will spit it out. Cedric still eats everything. Jyoti loves the boys and sits waiting for them to drop food from their high-chairs.

We leave for Istanbul tonight, and have not even taken the suitcases out of the closet. Douglas has decided that we are last minute packers and that stresses me out. If I were in charge of the bags I probably would have done it last week. That being said he always does a great job, and we have never left anything or anyone behind.

Cedric and Ezra will be one year old next week. My mother is meeting us in Istanbul and we are bringing her back to India for two weeks. We are shocked that a whole year has gone by already. The days are busy and a little bit crazy, but I can't imagine it any different.



  1. You all are totally always on the go. It is wonderful and a fabulous foundation for your boys. Delighted to hear all is well with you. This past year has been totally amazing and there is so much change that happens in the first year...... and in the second there is LANGUAGE and MOBILITY. Hope you continue to post and share the joy of your children....... much appreciation and happiness!

  2. As everyone's always changing. We hope our good sleep habits stick but who could change tomorrow! Have fun in Turkey...sounds amazing!

  3. God, I love that city. I can't believe it's been six months since we saw you guys in Delhi!

  4. Istanbul, hoping you are having a blast! It's very high on our list for 2012. We are a little worried its not all that toddler friendly, so I look forward to hearing all about your trip with the little guys.

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