Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Life

I am not complaining... BUT!

We never sit down. We have two full time in house nannies/cleaners/cooks and a part time guy that walks our beautiful labrador for an hour each day. We still never sit down. Until I wrote it all down... I never realized what made the world go around.

Here was yesterday play by play:

5:00a: Ezra wakes Cedric up to help convince Dadda and Papa it is time to eat
5:15a: Twins toss bottles to the side, roll over, and pass out
5:20a: Douglas rejoins my lazy ass in bed
6:30a: Douglas makes his paleo breakfast
7:00a: I make my paleo-ish breakfast, twins on full court press, Douglas in shower
7:30a: Sheela arrives, I get in the shower
7:45a: Pouring coffee: Douglas black, mine with 1/4 cup creme, 3 heaping spoons of sugar
7:55a: Out the door, umbrella up
8:00a: Work
5:00p: I get home and finish up some work emails, twins sleeping
5:05p: Douglas out the door for disc
5:35p: I grab a snack, grab the remote, plant left ass cheek on the couch
5:36p: Cedric wakes up
5:40p: Ezra wakes up
5:41p: Twins full court press
5:50p: Strap the boys into stroller, bug spray, mosquito nets, dog on leash
6:00p: Pick Douglas up from disc, head off campus for 50 min walk
7:00p: Twins in high-chairs for dinner
7:30p: Twins in bath tub, Douglas making adult dinner
7:50p: Wheels fall off, screaming, wet, tired
8:00p: Twins dry, dressed, tiny bottle, sleep
8:05p: Adult dinner, vodka on the rocks
8:20p: Dishes
8:30p: Make baby food
9:45p: Pushups/Sit-ups for Thailand beach body, Big Bang Theory on in background
10:15p: Wake twins up for another small bottle (this put the stop on the 3a nursery rave)
10:30p: Adult bed time



  1. Oh my word Chad I was exhausted reading this. Double cute double trouble hey?! Sr x

  2. That's what I'd call a FULL day! I'm kinda tired just reading about it!

  3. Apparently 8:05 pm in Delhi is my favorite time of the day. You guys got it down, pat. Go forth and prosper...thanks for the great post.

  4. Darn Ezra. haha (Btw, not missing the mosquito nets, but sincerely missing that full time help.)

  5. Looking forward to every minute of that!

  6. Whew--I'm winded just reading that!

    I, too, am a fan of 8:05 pm. Good call.

  7. GO 8:05! You should be exhausted daddies! Totally earned that status! AND also such fun and so wonderful you have the boys ~ it does come across you are loving the loves of your lives.
    Old Ca Grandmother

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