Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ride Your Own Ride. . .

. . . Until you can't ride any more. In my case, that moment came today when I sold my wheels. I started riding about six years ago, and have enjoyed taking long rides in the country and going motorcycle camping. When I was in Ohio visiting my family, my older brother (also a former motorcycle rider and now a father of two) gave me hell about still having a bike with two young kids at home, and Chad has been pressuring me since, well, forever, to sell it. So today, my two-wheeled baby pulled away for the last time. I guess it's time to be a responsible adult.

Keep the rubber side down, friends!

- Douglas


  1. I've been getting rid of some stuff that I've had for a loooooong time. Some of it is stuff I really like, some of it is stuff that I just can't bear to part with even though it's useless to me now. I keep telling myself, "You're making room for all the things you want to keep that the kids make at summer camp or buy for Father's Day." That helps me throw out more and more stuff.

  2. I bet Chad thought it was pretty hot when he first met you! ;)
    Congrats on the responsible adult thing. Just don't start buying pants at Costco!

  3. I don't know man...the boys seem to like it! :-)

  4. Ooh... good. Now I can point to you the next time Adrián says he wants a motorcycle.

  5. Grrrr. I really want to buy a Ducati but C thinks it's a bad idea. Especially with twins on the way. Bleh.

  6. Kevin and I want to know what kind of profit you made on the bike...