Saturday, July 23, 2011

So Much To Say

It's funny how sometimes you can go from having nothing to say at all to having so much to say that you don't know where to begin.

Let's see if I can hit all the high points and manage to keep your attention:

While we were on vacation last week, we got news that the 19-week scan had been completed and everything is looking great. During our 12-week scan, the doctor said that our babies were fat and fatter. Well, evidently that trend is continuing as our babies are already 9 and 1/2 ounces. Good to hear! Love me some fat babies!!

Then, when we got back to Indianapolis we made plans with my mom to go shopping. We felt like we needed someone to point out the things that were really and truly necessary and help us avoid things that you just don't need. Of course, grandma pitched in a little at the check-out counter, which was greatly appreciated. She figured that she'd get more bang for her buck sending presents for her grandchildren over to India with us rather than through the mail.

During our shopping trip we came to some decisions on things. After much research, lots of reading and many recommendations, we chose gdiapers as our cloth diaper we are going to use from the beginning (here is a brief intro to gdiapers written by my friend Lauren). They have a nice "new baby" package with diapers that we feel will be small enough to fit newborn twins. Also, they are not as pricey as some other cloth diapers. Who knows how successful we will be with our cloth diapering adventure, but we've made our initial choice, which just makes me all the more anxious to have our babies safe and sound and in our arms.

We also decided to take back a large supply of Dr. Brown's Natural Flow bottles. We bought two of the starter sets, an additional three bottles and then some caps, cleaners and other bottle accoutrements. This brand is not available in India. Avent and Playtex and a few local brands are widely available in Indian stores. So, we figure we'd start with these bottles and then if the kids don't like them, we'll have choices in India.

We also scored some gently used Baby Bjorn carriers at about 1/3 retail price! That was super exciting.

All in all, we feel we got what we needed. The things we don't have (or aren't able to fit in our luggage), we will be able to buy in India. In general, prices in the US are 30-50% LESS expensive than prices in India for the same brands. For example, a tube of Decetin in India costs Rs. 1000 (about $12). The same size bottle in the US is about $4. Yikes!! So, if you are an IP going to India to pick up your baby(ies), just know that many, many things are available. But, you will pay for them, unless they are made in India.

A few more housekeeping items, and then you will be caught up.

Happy birthday to:
Zoe and Ruby (very belated)
and Beau

We are headed back to India on MONDAY! So, the countdown has officially begun.



  1. I like your choices....we registered for dr browns and gdiapers too. I am excited for the gdiapers! And we just ordered our stroller,city select,today.

    Safe travels back to Delhi!!


  2. The Dr. Brown's bottles are awesome! Of course, every kiddo is different, but our son had a lot of issues with reflux, which these bottles mostly solved. They are just terrific! :)